Aims of the Graduate School

Partial differential equations are a fundamental tool in science and engineering in order to model, simulate and control complex technical processes in a precise and efficient way. The aim of the modeling process is to replace costly experiments and to accelerate the development of technical systems. This task requires a broad expertise and an interdisciplinary approach.

Therefore, the main goal of this Doctorate Program is the procurement of scientific basics of applied mathematics and applications. A particular feature is the "2 x 2" team work, consisting of a group of two advisors (one from mathematics, one from physics or engineering) and two doctoral students (one from mathematics, one from physics or engineering). Ph.D. projects are concerned with the following research areas:

Doctoral Studies within the Graduate School

The Doctoral Program takes three years. After successfully finishing the program, the students will receive a Ph.D. in Technical Sciences (Dr. techn.).

The Graduate School consists of four scientific topics from which the Ph.D. projects can be chosen:

The Call for Applications to the Doctoral Program is closed.